Tour pro driver swing weight

As with the fitting of the shaft weight, the club fitter also has to evaluate the golfers transition force, tempo. Swing weight is the measurement of the head weight feel of a club. This is how far pga and lpga tour players hit it with. However, they are even more efficient drivers of the golf ball than pga tour players.

Swing weight does not measure a clubs total weight, but rather its distribution. Trackman also reports lpga tour players average around 94 mph, which according to the lpga yields about 248 yardsdrive. This is not an exact science but it can be useful in helping golfers determine how much they can feel the weight in the club head during a swing. A club with a heavier swing weight will feel heavier to a golfer than one with a lighter swing weight, because its balance point is closer to the club head. Lighter or lower swingweight golf drivers tend to fit slower swing speeds and require less effort to swing. After he had the swing weight of his driver increased he could hit the same distances with a 105 club head speed. The ratio is the bottom 23 weight to the of a golf driver or golf club. The lpga tour s 94mph average driver swing speed is closer to the speed many golfers swing the club. And notice how the the attack angle has turned positive along the way its now 3.

If, for example, we were to add 2 grams of weight to the handle end of a d9 club, this would reduce the swing weight to d8. Average swing weight and length on tour clubs, grips. A golf clubs swing weight measures its resistance to being swung in a circle, according to. This kit is statistically designed to fit your whole set of clubs. What the top 50 pga tour players are playing in their drivers. For example, if one of the identicallyweighted clubs has a heavier head, it will have a greater swing weight. We then validate our recommendations with trackman launch monitors to see if we have improved the performance numbers versus their current driver.

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