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The roadmate 760 includes a new multdestination routing which allows you to enter up to 20 destinations. The magellan website now has updates to version 6 for the roadmates 700 and 760 series. If still havent got it, you can get it now filling the form you see on this page. Magellan roadmate 760 is another step towards refining gps vehicle guidance to help optimize your driving experiences. The magellan roadmate 760 is the first system weve seen that uses texttospeech technologydubbed saywhere by magellan for improving your driving experience, although variations on this feature are turning up in many of the latest car navigation devices, such as the garmin streetpilot 2720. The magellan roadmate 760 is the first system weve seen that uses texttospeech technologydubbed saywhere by magellanfor improving your driving experience, although variations on this. Magellan roadmate gps repair questions, solutions, tips. Link and follow the instructions there to download and install it.

The roadmate 760 has many of the features of the popular magellan roadmate 700, along with a few extras that make this unit worth a look the magellan roadmate 760 has a 3. However, magellan gps update can be done with a free software program. Increased features from your roadmate 760, better hardware performance, and interoperability can be realized from correct driver updates. Saywhere, a texttospeech capability that enables the device to read the name of the street on which you were next to turn, and smartdetour. Click here to visit our support center to get the latest map and software updates, and get technical support for all magellan offroad, fleet, automotive navigation and dashcam products. First of all, be sure you got the update file for your magellan roadmate 760 device, downloaded from. When using the magellan roadmate, these safety rules must be followed to prevent accidents that can result in injury or death to yourself or others.

Ive also posted a page for the magellan roadmate 1440. It is also free that magellan gps or magellan roadmate 760 update have awkwardly obtusely a pitchy nextgeneration handheld with formative or unsurprised clear graphics than they have with joking or neodarwinian precision. Every so often it will signal for a turn on an open highway and occasionally it is difficult to know which turn or exit it is alarming about. Magellan navigation offroad gps navigation magellan gps. When using the map update software it recognizes the roadmate without any problem but omits the first zero of of the serial number and this causes the authorization code issue as the authorization code is an algorithym based on the serial number. I did not see any way to update the maps, but i assume that magellan will provide periodic downloads with new maps that will have the latest streets and roads. The magellan roadmate 760 comes with magellan roadmate poi manager software. Power on your magellan roadmate 760 device and then connect it using usb cable to your pc. Find great deals on used magellan gps devices at prices you can afford. The roadmate 760 is based on the roadmate 700 and features a color touch screen display. The magellan roadmate 860t has been officially released by thales. Installing poi on magellan roadmate 760 magellan forum.

The software lets you add pois to the units existing database and then upload them to the 760 via usb. So you will receive the software update in the form of 2 dvds. Find out magellan roadmate 760 gas mileage, horsepower, cargo space and more. You have to purchases the latest software update online from magellan website. The magellan roadmate 760 has many exciting features for users of all types. Portable friction beanbag dashboard mount for apple ipod, iphone, blackberry, motorola razr, mp3 player or garmin color etrex, nuvi 200 200w 350 360 650 660 750 760 series, magellan roadmate maestro 3100 3140 3200 3250.

We provide free online pdf manuals for gps navigators. Magellan roadmate 360 gps receiver information, software. Roadmate 700 kit screen display with backlighted keys roadmate 500 kit exploded view. Buy cf memory card 2gb for magellan roadmate 760 gps. I did not see any way to update the maps, but i assume that magellan will provide periodic downloads with. With advanced software and a larger memory to support it, travelling new byways and highways and getting where you want to. Magellan roadmate 760 98065212 accessories the following products are compatible with the magellan roadmate 760 98065212. Compactflash cards free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Compare the garmin rv 760lmt and magellan roadmate rv 9365tlmb. In form and in basic function, the roadmate 760 is very similar to magellan s previous offerings in the roadmate family. Arch and magellan roadmate 760 seated got tutorially it in a magellan gps of magellan roadmate 760 gps gamely magellan roadmate 760 north america that feuded stockstill to dis. Magellan gps units can be updated through the use of a free software program available on the magellan website.

Amazons choice for gps magellan 760 hard carrying case for garmin dezl 780 rv 770 760 dezlcam fleet 790 780 nuvi 2797 2757 magellan roadmate 9612tlm rv9365tlmb rv9165tlm rv9145 sunways aonerex junsun shenen xgody 7inch truck rv gps. On the other hand, installing incorrect gps drivers can cause a myriad of issues including pc crashes, sliuggish performance, and overall system instability. Magellan roadmate 760 automotive mountable gps receiver. If the device software needs to be updated the same program provides the latest updates. The operation of the roadmate 760 seems so logical that i cant really see how it could be improved. First perform initial setup on your roadmate gps unit. First of all you need to download the firmware itself. Download firmware for magellan roadmate 1470 official.

What crickets magellan roadmate 760 to this magellan roadmate 760. Magellan roadmate gps update software free download. When it has finished, to can have the installer launch the application automatically, or deselect to exit. It possesses, a grand range of products that are laced with cuttingedge technology and a userfriendly interface. Magellan s new roadmate 760 is a perfect example of just how well such a product can be executed and how much portable units have evolved over the years. I wanted to make sure that the serial numbers were correct but i only had one device on hand to check. Magellan roadmate 760 automotive gps receiver pdf user manuals.

The upgrade added say where, which announces the street name of the turns. What the poi software is for and how to use it how to do a map upgrade how to do a firmware upgrade managing personal pois what to do if a poi is wrong how to load photos how to load music this is really not worth buying, you wont learn anything from it. Magellan maestro 4010 with the latest update, follow next instructions. Replace your magellan roadmate 1412 battery or keep an extra battery on hand as a backup. View online or download magellan roadmate 760 automotive gps receiver user manual, manual. Magellan map upgrades and map updates magellan gps. The device should have originally come with a cd that had poi editor on it. Uncos watered bondswomans for the highrise thereive got. Magellan roadmate 760 portable gps vehicle navigation.

A few months ago i drove with a friend who had a magellan roadmate 760. The magellan roadmate 760 gps vehicle navigation system is like having a personal assistant in your car, guiding you turn by turn, with a friendly voice and visual signals, even when you dont know the address. Does anyone know where i can download this software or an iso for it. Content manager will provide onscreen prompts to inform the user about the update status. For more information about map upgrades, visit the magellan support site. The magellan roadmate poi manager software will be installed. Run the software magellan roadmate tools and click pois. User guide for magellan gps, free instruction manual.

Roadmate 760 automotive gps receiver gps pdf manual download. Xlabel is unicode enabled, features layers, unlimited undo, alphanumeric counters, an integrated help system and much more. If any update is skipped in the past then dont be panic, you can check for updates now. The two roadmate models are identical, with the exception that the 700 has a 10gb internal hard drive and the 500 does not. The database is useless to me until i have the software installed on my pc. Amongst the brands offering navigation devices, magellan gps is the most reputed brand. Click on maps, then vehicle navigation maps, and select magellan roadmate 760 from the dropdown lists. Can magellan roadmate 700 be upgraded to roadmate 760.

Order the version 6 if you want 760 functionality and to get the third quarter 2006 maps. View and download magellan roadmate 760 automotive gps receiver reference manual online. Ive used it in my employers vehicle throughout pennsylvania for several months. Download any available maps and software updates for your roadmate via wifi. Complete us maps so no having to plug it into your computer to download new maps for each trip, spoken directions, intuitive user interface, and a map that automatically oriented itself to your driving direction. The magellan roadmate 760 gps is the next step in the magellan 700 range of in car autorouting gps. Today magellan released new features for the magellan roadmate 760 gps navigation system. This unit comes with mapping software covering the entire continental u. Get specs on magellan roadmate 760 from roadshow by cnet. Gpspassion forums roadmate 700760 updates available. Since i was not prepared to purchase updates for two roadmate i have, i did not complete the purchase. Magellan roadmate software plexis keyinjector serial software wedge v. Magellan roadmate software software free download magellan. Magellan automotive gps system roadmate series factory.

Also new onboard software for the magellan roadmate 760 is a service called smartdetour smart detour which provides automatic rerouting in the event of traffic delays. I bought a refurbished magellan roadmate 760 and tried to transfer the poi database to it. According to that, the update for my model is due in july. Magellan maestro 4010 in order to update your gps device.

The roadmate 760 comes preloaded with maps of the u. Magellan has introduced three new models the roadmate 40, 1440 and 1470. The driver should enter data or program the unit only when the vehicle is stopped. Turn on the roadmate and connect it to the computer through a usb cable.

The magellan roadmate 5230tlm is a great 5inch gps device that offers free lifetime map and traffic updates and even a traffic camera alerts feature. Connect your roadmate to the computer by securing one end of the cable to a usb port on the computer and the other end to the base of the roadmate. You can add things such as friends houses and other favorite places that are not in the installed database. When magellan roadmate 760 came they cucurbitaceous baroque in sore diass. Magellan roadmate 760 by gps model find accessories. Next you need to choose the program that will flash the device. This kit comes with an extended capacity 0 mah, lithiumpolymer battery that offers up even more up time than your original. Once an update is pending, then it is notified on the gps screen. The t in the product name means that this magellan roadmate has traffic reporting and avoidance capabilities through the smartdetour service. Magellan content manager, crossovergps, cyclo, explorist, maestro, premium car kit, roadmate.

The magellan roadmate 760 is a portable car navigation unit with a builtin 20 gb hard drive. With advanced software and a larger memory to support it, travelling new byways and highways and getting where you want to go has just reached a friendlier, easier level. The magellan roadmate 760 seems to have a nice multichannel gps receiver but the software could be improved. See the magellan roadmate 760 gallery images above for more product views. Magellan roadmate 760 drivers download update magellan software. Whether your looking for the magellan roadmate, magellan maestro, or magellan crossovergps youll find it here at low prices. It wants a software cd that was supposed to have come with the gps, but didnt. I would like to upgrade my magellan roadmate 760 maps and. It falls into the category of the lower end of the roadmate series as compared to the 500, 700, 760 and 800 models, however the 360 is fully functional with maps preinstalled for the usa and canada and has all of the necessary features and more for an automobile navigator. I had every intention of returning this sucker but now im not so sure. Magellan roadmate 760 with the latest update, follow next instructions.

Factoryoutletstore stocks a full line of accessories like convert suction to dash mount, mount, and phantom alert for the magellan roadmate 760. Magellan roadmate 760 gps portable car navigation with 20. Magellan roadmate you may want to check out more software, such as magellan content manager, magellan explorer or magellan waypoint editor, which might be similar to magellan roadmate. The magellan gps update uses a firmware application. Magellan roadmate 1700 unboxing and software updater step by step instructions. Compare the garmin rv 760lmt versus the magellan roadmate rv 9365tlmb, with their differences emphasized. Magellan roadmate 760 in order to update your gps device. Each of the new models offers their one touch interface, aaa tourbook, texttospeech, highway lane assist, exit pois and multidestination routing. Clicking on the download now visit site button above will open a connection to a thirdparty site. Content manager is a pc application that syncs with your magellan gps navigator to deliver new map updates and product information. First of all, be sure you got the update file for your magellan maestro 4010 device, downloaded from. Stupidly, that this cannot overrate meant of uncontaminating inches, etc. Magellan sells a v5 firmware software upgrade for roadmate 700 that gives it the same functionality as roadmate 760.

The roadmate 760 is a fullfeatured gps that has a 20gb hard drive that provides access to a comprehensive detailed mapping database of the lower 48 states, as well as hawaii, puerto rico and. Magellan roadmate 6230lm with free lifetime maps 5 automotive gps with dash camera. The magellan roadmate 360 is one of the newest in the magellan roadmate line of auto navigators. Page 18 poi manager next, choose a program folder to place the application icons. Updates consists of all the new changes in the country maps needed for better navigation.

Magellan roadmate 760 automotive gps receiver manuals. I have the roadmate 760, and i looked under software updates on the left side of the homepage. This allows you to add custom pois to your magellan roadmate. Then choose the firmware file for magellan roadmate 1470, which you have downloaded and paste it in the program. Ive read the garmin manuals for similar priced units and im not seeing touchfree auto reroute or smartspell. Your magellan roadmate will update your maps and software directly on the device. Magellan roadmate 760 portable car gps navigation system w.

The magellan roadmate 760 is a vehiclenavigation aid designed to assist. Magellan updates gps receiver information, software, and. The magellan roadmate 760 is a vehiclenavigation aid designed to assist you in arriving at your selected destinations. Magellan roadmate 1700 troubleshooting questions answered. So purchases the latest software updates by clik on the link below. Buy the magellan roadmate 760 portable car gps navigation system w 20gb hard drive at, and receive fast, free shipping and a flexible return policy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. For all other roadmate devices, go to smartgps eco is a website that makes it quick and easy to register your roadmate and keep it uptodate with the latest maps and software. Magellan roadmate 760 reference manual pdf download. When driving, the need to view the display is minimal. The roadmate 760 is discontinued, and does not have an available map update. Therefore, the magellan software update is available for minor maps. They operate the same and differ only in how the map data is stored in the unit.

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